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Reasonable Accommodations

Reasonable Accommodations at the Certificate Examinations
  RACE Instructions for Schools JC & LC 2017

RACE Guide for Students 2017

2017 RACE Application Process
  JC Emergency RA 7 2017

LC Emergency RA 4 2017

Reminder of 2017 closing date and notification of 2018 timelines

S72_16 LC RA forms circular 2017 EV

S86_16 JC RA forms circular 2017 EV

Email reminder of closing date for receipt of application forms for RACE 2017 BI

Email notification of late application process for RACE 2017 BI

2017 Use of Bilingual Dictionaries
  2017 Schools Application For dictionary

2017 External Candidate Application for Dictionary

Use of Bilingual Dictionaries in the Certificate Examinations EV - 2017

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