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Description Of Certificate Examinations

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Leaving Certificate Applied Programme
  The Leaving Certificate Applied Programme(LCA)is a distinct, self-contained two-year programme aimed at preparing students for adult and working life. It is designed for students who do not wish to proceed directly to third level education or for those whose needs, aspirations and aptitudes are not adequately catered for by the other two Leaving Certificate programmes or who choose not to opt for those programmes. The Programme is administered and assessed by the State Examinations Commission.

Credits towards the final award are accumulated throughout the two years of the programme through:

1.) Satisfactory completion of modules. (Maximum of 62 credits)
2.) Performance of students tasks. (Maximum of 70 credits)
3.) Performance in the final examinations. (Maximum of 68 credits)

The programme consists of a range of courses each designed on a modular basis. The number of modules depends on the course. The full list of course and modules can be downloaded here. Each year of the two year programme is divided into two sessions, September to January and February to June. A module within a given course is usually completed within one session. Over the two year duration of the programme, participants will complete 44 modules. Course participants accumulate credits toward their final result at the end of each session.

For more detailed information on the LCA programme please click here. link to LCA website

Grading Structure
This LCA Certificate is awarded at three levels:

Pass             60-69 %     (120 - 139 credits)
Merit             70-84 %     (140 - 169 credits)
Distinction     85-100%     (170 - 200 credits)

Candidates who acquire less than 120 credits will receive a Record of Credits. This will also apply to those who leave before the end of the programme.

The role of the State Examinations Commission in the operation of the Leaving Certificate Applied Programme is

  • To maintain a record of the credits attained by each course participant at the end     of each of the four sessions.
  • To assess performance of the Student Tasks.
  • To set and mark the final examinations.
  • To award the Leaving Certificate Applied.
  • Subject Choice
    Final Examinations Candidates are required to take Final examinations in the following subjects:

  • English and Communication
  • Mathematical Applications
  • Social Education
  • Gaeilge Chumarsáideach
  • Modern European Language i.e. French or German or Spanish or Italian
  • 2 subjects from the Vocational Specialism Group:
  •     Agriculture/Horticulture
        Childcare/Community Care
        Graphics and Construction Studies
        Craft and Design
        Hair and Beauty
        Hotel, Catering and Tourism
        Office Administration and Customer Care
        Information and Communication Technology
        Active Leisure Studies

    Oral Tests
    Oral, as well as written/aural examinations, will be held in the case of all the languages including English and Communications.

    Practical Performance Tests and Practical Coursework
    Final examinations in the Vocational Specialism subjects comprise written examinations and Practical Performance tests/ Practical Coursework.
    Click here
    link to to view 2004 LCA Practical Examination briefs
    to view LCA Practical Examination briefs

    The written examinations are generally held in the same period as the other Leaving Certificate examinations. This year the Leaving Certificate Applied written examinations will be held in the period 6th – 14th June 2012.
    Click here to view the Timetable. link to to view the Timetable

    Past examination papers, marking schemes and Chief Examiner Reports are available to download from the Examinations Material Archive.

    Format for LCA Final Exam 2012

    Format for LCA Final Exam 2012

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