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Applications to the Independent Appeals Scutineers

If I am unhappy with the outcome of the appeals process, is there anything further I can do?

Yes. You can seek to view your post appeal examination script and/or make an appeal to the Independent Appeals Scrutineers.

How do I view my script after receiving my appeal result?

You can view your post appeal script in the SEC offices in Athlone on the 20th October 2018. Details of the application procedure have been sent to schools. Candidates who wish to avail of this option should return the ‘Application to review marked scripts’ form which have been supplied to schools to the School Authority by Monday 15th October 2018. If at this viewing you still believe that a comment that you made on the AP1 form has not been addressed you can refer the matter to the Independent Appeal Scrutineers. The deadline for referral to the Independent Appeals Scrutineers is 22nd October 2018.

What is the function of the Independent Appeals Scrutineers?

The function of the Independent Appeals Scrutineers is to ensure that all of the processes outlined by the SEC have been carried out correctly. Independent Appeals Scrutineers are independent of the SEC. A Scrutineer will have the power to request all documentation in relation to your appeal to establish that procedures were properly carried out. They are not in a position to re-mark the scripts or comment on the actual allocation of marks. However as part of their review they can request the advice of the Chief Examiner for that subject to ensure that they are satisfied that all procedures have been carried out correctly. Upon completion of their review you will get formal confirmation from an Independent Appeals Scrutineer that all appeal processes were carried out properly.

Do I need to have viewed my post appeal examinations script in order to make an appeal to the Independent Appeals Scrutineers?


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