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Recruitment Section

Superintendent for the Certificate Examinations

Recruitment of Superintendents has closed for 2018

General information about the role of Superintendent for State examinations

It is now mandatory that all those undertaking the position of superintendent for the 2018 examinations and subsequent years are registered on the Register of Teachers maintained by the Teaching Council. Those who are unregistered currently are advised that it will be possible to apply for superintending positions in December and complete the registration process subsequently. However, for administrative reasons, the SEC now requires that all applicants for superintending positions at the 2018 exams to have provided the SEC with their registration details with their application.

Information on the registration process, including details of registration fees, is available on the Teaching Council’s website The registration process, which includes a process of Garda Vetting, may take 6-8 weeks once all required documentation has been provided to the Teaching Council. It will be each applicants own responsibility to comply with this requirement and the State Examinations Commission accepts no liability for teacher registration fees or for any applicant’s inability to meet the registration and vetting requirement within the specified timeframe.

The State Examinations Commission will also prioritise applications from unemployed and substitute teachers for appointment to the position of superintendent subject to the volume and profile of applications received for superintending positions for the 2018 examinations. All applicants must meet the conditions for appointment. Decisions on appointments will be based on the information supplied by applicants at the time of application.

Training will be provided to all new appointees.

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