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2020 Examination Fees

Examination Fee Payment/Application for Exemption (School Based Candidates)
2020 Examinations Entry Fees Circular

Final Circular S08_20 EV

School Based Candidates
Leaving Certificate (Established and LCVP) €116
Leaving Certificate Applied Programme €116
Junior Certificate €109
Repeat Leaving Certificate €301
Post Leaving Certificate course (one or two subject) €71
Three or more subjects same as full Leaving Cert. i.e. €116
VTOS and Analogous Candidates
Leaving Certificate (3+ subjects) €116
Mix of LC/JC subjects (3+) €116
Junior Certificate(3+ subjects) €109
1 or 2 subjects - LC/JC/mix of both €71
External Leaving Certificate Candidates
A candidate who is not a recognised pupil in a post-primary schools and who is not following a course of study organised under the Vocational Training Opportunities Scheme, the Adult Literacy and Community Education Scheme, the Department of Social Protection second-level scheme for the unemployed, or other similar course, may enter for the Leaving Certificate examination as an external candidate. The following fees apply to external candidates.
Ordinary Fees
First time entry (3+ subjects) €116
First time entry (1 or 2 subjects) €71
Repeat entry (3+ subjects) €326
Repeat entry (2 subjects) €211
Repeat entry (1 subject) €116
Late Fees - for External Leaving Certificate Candidates only

Applications received in the period 29th January 2020 to 5th March 2020 will be accepted on payment of a late fee of €32.00 per subject in addition to the normal fee.

Applications received in the period 6th March 2020 to 29th April 2020 will be accepted on payment of a late fee of €52.00 per subject in addition to the normal fee.

Candidates who hold a full medical card or who are covered for all services on a parent or guardian's full medical card are not liable for examination fees. Medical cards will be accepted only if valid on or between January 1st 2020 and April 30th 2020. Applicants who are claiming exemption from fees on this basis must provide Medical Card details to the Commission. Applications from external candidates received after the 28th January 2020 are subject to late fees even if the initial fee has been waived.
Appeal Fees

The fee for appealing a result in a subject in the certificate examinations for 2018
Junior Certificate €32.00 per subject
Leaving Certificate Established €40.00 per subject
Leaving Certificate Applied €15.50 per subject
Refund of Examination Fees
Examination fees are only refunded in exceptional circumstances.
Statement of Results
Please click here to get details of the fees for statements of results.
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