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Syllabus Changes

The following table lists those subjects which have had a change of syllabus since 1990. The examination papers and marking schemes listed from before the date of the syllabus change in the subject do not reflect accurately the examination of the current syllabus and are listed here for reference purposes.
Subject Year of Syllabus Change for Examination
Mathematics Foundation Level 1996
Mathematics HL and OL 1997
Accounting 1997
French 1997
German 1997
Italian 1997
Spanish 1997
Music 1999
Business 1999
English 2001
Physics and Chemistry 2002
Arabic 2004
Japanese 2004
Biology 2004
Home Economics 2004
History 2006
Geography 2006
Russian 2006
Gaeilge 2006
JC Gaeilge 2010
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