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In this section you will find full contact details for the State Examinations Commission including details of the individual sections in the Commission.
State Examinations Commission,
Co. Westmeath.
N37 TP65

Main Phone Number: 090-6442700
Main Fax Number: 090-6442744

The general format for e-mail to the Commission is: . Otherwise, e-mails can be sent to the section e-mail addresses that follow.General requests for information or feedback on the website should be made using our Contact Form.

Entries and Applications:
Phone: 090-6442702, 6442703, 6442706
Fax: 090-6442709
Leaving Certificate Applied:
Phone: 090-6442725, 6442726
Fax: 090-6442740
Reasonable Accommodations:
Phone: 090-6442782
Fax: 090-6442744
Examination Fees:
Phone: 090-6442797, 6442798, 6442799
Fax: 090-6442896
Examination Superintendents and Centres:
Phone:090-6442895, 6442792, 6442793
Fax: 090-6442794
Phone: 090-6442734, 6442735
Fax: 090-6442740
Oral Examinations:
Phone: 090-6442741, 6442742,
Fax: 090-6442753
Practical Examinations including Leaving Certificate Vocational Programme:
Phone: 090-6442749, 6442750
Fax: 090-6442753
Finance Unit:
Phone: 090-6442802
Fax: 090-6442807
Statements of Examination Results:
Phone: 090-6442810, 6442808
Fax: 090-6442811
Press Office:
Phone: 090-6442770, 6442851
Freedom of Information:
Phone: 090-6442851, 6442852
Fax: 090-6442896
Corporate Affairs Division:
Phone: 090-6442851, 6442852
Fax: 090-6442896
Data Access Requests:
Phone: 090-6442813, 6442765
Customer Service:
Phone: 090-6442851, 6442852
Fax: 090-6442896
For all other email enquiries go to our Contact Form link to the Contact Form
State Examinations Commission, Cornamaddy, Athlone, Co. Westmeath, N37 TP65. Tel: 090-644 2700 Fax: 090-644 2744 Email us: Click here link to the Contact Form
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